Anthony Liu


Hi, my name's Anthony.

I'm an MIT '18 majoring in computer science, with a specific focus on theoretical neuroscience and AI.

At MIT, I helped organize HackMIT, led the dev team for MIT TechX, and wrote code for MIT's UAV team. After college, I co-founded Namebase and served as CTO. I'm currently working on a new startup that's in stealth.

Misc projects

Raptor is an experimental, interpreted, functional programming language I created from scratch as a learning exercise. It supports first class functions, partial function application, and external procedure calls.
Lightweight computer vision web app that segments words in images to help people speed read real-life books. Won best project under 4KB of code at YHack 2015.
A reinforcement learning library for web-based JavaScript projects. One goal of this project was to produce educational visualizations to help people learn about RL.

Generalizes the game of tic-tac-toe to the fourth spatial dimension. In this project, I both developed algorithms to support gameplay in arbitrarily higher dimensions and built a 3D web game to play 4D tic tac toe.
I love fusing computer science and art, and this project is a great example of that. I used Cartesian genetic programming to evolve computer-generated art pieces under the guidance of a human fitness function.